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Business Consulting

Sareen and Associates was originally started as a consulting resource for small business owners thirty-one years ago in 1993. The company experienced a great deal of early success by focusing on the demand from small businesses for tax and accounting help, and that demand has dictated our emphasis on tax and accounting services since that time. A few years later, we added payroll services to our menu of business services, and that service has also been well-received by our clients.

But, we’ve never forgotten our roots. We still provide business consulting to our clients in the areas of strategic planning, business planning, process improvement, marketing, internal controls, compliance, business turnarounds, real estate acquisition and other areas of need.

Doug Mort, CPA (and QuickBooks Online wizard) in our Stephens City office

We can provide everything from A-Z for those clients that have a start-up. We can file the paperwork for an LLC or an S-Corp, we can do a business case and a business plan, financial forecasts, put together a marketing plan to acquire customers, provide operational guidance, etc. We can do it all, and we frequently do for our clients engaged in start-up mode.

We also provide assistance to our small business clients in the all-important area of business financing, whether that entails getting a loan from a financial institution or obtaining capital financing from an investment group.


We Are Specialist For Many Consulting Cases

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Through our consulting efforts, we help our clients develop a solid business plan backed by sound financial projections and a realistic business model. In addition to authoring your business plan based on your concept, we help our clients refine their plan and address areas that may prevent acceptance by financiers or investors. In addition, we distill the technical details of the business plan down to their essence, thereby making the plan easy to understand for non-technical readers.

Lastly, we operate in many areas where government projects are plentiful, and we are experts in DBE Certification and MBE Certification for our clients who have that need.

If you’re interested in growing your business, and need some consulting help to get to that goal, we stand ready to help.

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